This page presents audit resuts of eduGAIN member federations compliance with eduGAIN SAML Profile. The audit is performend every hour as a part of the eduGAIN aggregation process.

Criteria for audit

The audit is performed by the eduGAIN validator on each of member federations metadata following the rules set by SAML standards and the eduGAIN SAML Profile as listed in Metadata Aggregation Practice Statement and by the additional recommended practices accumulated in the Best Current Practice document. Both of these documents are mantained by the eduGAIN OT.
  • Suspended - federation participation has been suspended due to a long perions of metadata unavailibility or non-conformance
  • Non compliant - federation metadata violates required rules defined by the profile or standards.
  • Partially compliant - federation metadata does not adhere to the recommendations listed in the Best Current Practice document but none of the required rules are violated. The recommendation on logos (condition 10 in BCP) is not taken into account.
  • Only logos missing - the only warnings generated were those about missing logos.
  • Fully compliant - no errors or warnings were generated.

Results summary

  • Number of suspended federations: 2 (see here for explanation)
  • Number of fully or partially compliant federations: 76


Suspended (2)
 CAFMozMozambique test now
MATEArgentina test now
Unavailable (1)
 Oman KIDOman test now
Partially compliant (34)
  AAIEduMkNorth Macedonia test now
AzScienceNet Identity FederationAzerbaijan test now
Canadian Access FederationCanada test now
CAFeBrazil test now
CSTCloudFederationChina test now
CyNet Identity FederationCyprus test now
DFN-AAIGermany test now
EdugateIreland test now
eduID.czCzech Republic test now
eduID LuxembourgLuxembourg test now
eduIDM.maMorocco, Western Sahara test now
Fédération Éducation-RechercheFrance test now
FIDERNZambia test now
FIEL (RedCLARA) test now
GRNETGreece test now
HKAFHong Kong test now
InCommonUnited States test now
INFEDIndia test now
KRENA Identity FederationKyrgyzstan test now
LAIFELatvia test now
LITNET FEDILithuania test now
OMRENOman test now
PKIFEDPakistan test now
Kenyan Identity Federation - RAFIKIKenya test now
RIFUganda test now
RoEduNetIDRomania test now
SIFULAN Malaysian Access FederationMalaysia test now
SIRSpain test now
SWITCHaaiSwitzerland test now
TAATEstonia test now
TIGERfedBangladesh test now
UK federationUnited Kingdom test now
WAYFDenmark, Iceland, Greenland test now
YETKİMTurkey test now
Only logos missing (15)
  AAFAustralia test now
ArnesAAI Slovenska izobraževalno raziskovalna federacijaSlovenia test now
Belnet FederationBelgium test now
COFReChile test now
eduId.huHungary test now
FEIDENorway test now
GakuNinJapan test now
HAKAFinland test now
iAMRESSerbia test now
KAFEKorea test now
PEANOUkraine test now
RCTSaaiPortugal test now
Singapore Access Federation - SGAFSingapore test now
SURFconextNetherlands test now
SWAMIDSweden test now
Fully compliant (27)
  AAI@EduHrCroatia test now
ACOnet Identity FederationAustria test now
AFIREArmenia test now
ARNaaiAlgeria test now
BIFBulgaria test now
CARSIChina test now
COLFIREColombia test now test now
eduID.ngNigeria test now
FEBASBelarus test now
FENIXMexico test now
Grena Identity FederationGeorgia test now
IDEMItaly test now
IRFEDIran test now
IUCC Identity FederationIsrael test now
LEAFMoldova test now
LIAFSri Lanka test now
MINGAEcuador test now
PIONIER.IdPoland test now
RASHAlbania test now
RiċerkaNET Identity FederationMalta test now
Maeen Identity FederationSaudi Arabia test now
safeIDSlovakia test now
SAFIRESouth Africa test now
SomaliREN Identity Federation Somalia test now
ThaiIDFThailand test now
Tuakiri New Zealand Access FederationNew Zealand test now