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List and search on this page for all organisations whose users should be able to access eduGAIN services.

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The isFederated check also allows you to find out if a user or organisation is in eduGAIN or to list all known production academic identity federations. The data to compose the results below is updated once per day.

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Organisations in eduGAIN matching search criteria: Organisations

AAI@eduHr Federation, Croatia (hr)

AAIEduMk Federation, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of (mk)

ACOnet Identity Federation (, Austria (at)

ARNaai Federation, Algeria (dz)

ArnesAAI Federation, Slovenia (si)

Australian Access Federation, Australia (au)

Belnet Federation, Belgium (be)

CAF Federation, Canada (ca)

CAFe Federation, Brazil (br)

CyNet Identity Federation, Cyprus (cy)

DELOS federation (GRNET AAI), Greece (gr)

DFN-AAI Federation, Germany (de)

Edugate Federation, Ireland (ie)

FEBAS Federation, Belarus (by)

FEIDE Federation, Norway (no)

FIDERN, Zambia (zm)

Fédération Éducation-Recherche, France (fr)

GakuNin Federation, Japan (jp)

Haka Federation, Finland (fi)

IDEM Federation, Italy (it)

INFED Federation, India (in)

IR Federation, Iran, Islamic Republic of (ir)

IUCC Identity Federation, Israel (il)

InCommon Federation, United States (us)

LAIFE Federation, Latvia (lv)

LEAF Federation, Moldova, Republic of (md)

LIAF, Sri Lanka (lk)

LITNET FEDI Federation, Lithuania (lt)

MATE Federation, Argentina (ar)

MINGA Federation, Ecuador (ec)

Maeen Identity Federation, Saudi Arabia (sa)

PEANO Federation, Ukraine (ua)

PIONIER Federation, Poland (pl)

RCTSaai Federation, Portugal (pt)

RUNNET AAI, Russian Federation (ru)

SAFIRE Federation, South Africa (za)

SGAF Federation, Singapore (sg)

SIR Federation, Spain (es)

SURFconext Federation, Netherlands (nl)

SWAMID Federation, Sweden (se)

SWITCHaai Federation, Switzerland (ch)

TAAT Federation, Estonia (ee)

UK Access Management Federation, United Kingdom (uk)